Make your bedroom an oasis of calm: Decluttering tips to sleep better

Make your bedroom an oasis of calm: Decluttering tips to sleep better

My calm sleep-time Heaven

Elizabeth McPherson sitting at a laptop

Elizabeth McPherson is a professional declutterer who helps you find your inner calm. Here she shares tips on how she has made her bedroom an oasis calm to relax and get the best night's sleep.

If there’s one place in the house that must always be a safe space, it’s your bedroom.

Your bedroom is for sleeping in and for renewing and repairing your cells. But it’s not just about the quality of your mattress, there are many elements to having a good nights’ sleep.

My bedroom is my sleep heaven. It is tranquil and organised, with everything in its place. Pastels dominate the colour palette; they bring a sense of calm.  

My chest of drawers, again in a pale elephant grey, house everything from make-up to undies, but there are no messy lipsticks or mascaras for me. All the make-up is stored in a clear make up box which fits snuggly into the drawer. The clear box helps me find what I am looking for. Belts are neatly rolled in the bottom drawer, and sunglasses placed inside a neat basket. Everything is in its place.

Jewellery is kept neat and tidy in a Stackers box on top of the dresser and there is no excess overflowing.

My small white wardrobe houses only the clothes I love and wear. Nothing bobbled, over-washed or worn & no ill-fitting clothes. Everything fits perfectly and suits me and if I don’t like it, it goes. Everything is hung up or neatly folded. I never worry about dressing as I know I can reach inside my wardrobe, almost blindfolded and find what I want to wear instantly.

There are no wires or electricals in my bedroom, only an extension cord to house the plugs for delicate brushed metal bedside table lamps. My phone is left outside my bedroom, and I make sure it is not used at least two hours before my bedtime. Even if its outside the door, I make sure any notifications are turned off, all I need to hear is the alarm in the morning.

The warm white light is enough to read clearly, but not too bright. I have just one book on my bedside table and once that is read, I move onto another.

My bed linen is crisp and white, and my cushions throw out a splash of colour. Above my bed, an Angel print by local artist Sharon White, sits overlooking me as I sleep. It throws out a sense of peace.

From time to time, I light a candle which gives the room a lovely fragrance.

As a wise Greek man told me in 2019, if you want to dream well, just ask for good dreams to come.

Whenever I walk into my bedroom, I feel a sense of calm and know that I am going to sleep well. My bedroom is calm and inviting and reflects the inner calm I want to feel, even when in a deep sleep.

Elizabeth McPherson

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