How does bamboo help sensitive skin?

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The term sensitive skin generally refers to skin that is more prone to inflammation or adverse reactions. People with sensitive skin may have strong reactions to chemicals, dyes, fragrances and temperature. When exposed to a triggering element, sensitive skin may burn or sting, turn red, or otherwise feel very uncomfortable. Itchy or uncomfortable sheets can flare eczema, rosacea, acne and other skin conditions, bamboo's natural properties make it the natural choice for people with sensitive skin. 

Hypoallergenic and antibacterial

Bamboo is antibacterial, containing a natural antimicrobial agent that protects your skin against harmful substances, including odour-causing bacteria. This helps your body stay dry, comfortable and fresh. Bamboo kun is what protects the bamboo plant from insects, harmful bacteria and microbes. 

Toxic chemical free

Bamboo grows organically, without the need for pesticides. This means that toxic chemicals aren't absorbed by the plant which then is exposed to your skin in the form of fabric.

Softer after every wash

Bamboo material is very soft, comparable to 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton. The fibres are soft, rounded and anti-static which means they do not catch on your skin and irritate. Instead of piling and fraying like most other fibres, bamboo fabric fabric actually gets softer wash after wash! Bamboo sheets have an anti-aging effect and can reduce premature wrinkles as the smooth fabric prevents friction between your skin and your sheets, they reducing the risk of sleep wrinkles.

Highly absorbant

Bamboo is much more absorbent even than cotton, reducing irritation that begins with having too much moisture resting on the skin. It draws moisture away from your skin quickly and releases it to the surface of the fabric to evaporate. Although cotton is also absorbent, if it gets wet, it stays wet, bamboo however is moisture-wicking and draws moisture away.

Heat regulating

Bamboo is also thermoregulating, this means that it leaves you feeling cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold, unlike cotton, which retains heat. When you use bamboo, your body releases only the excess heat, reducing the amount you need to sweat. Sweat can really irritate your skin, especially sensitive skin.