Corporate Wellbeing

The impact of sleep loss on employees and employers

A good night’s sleep is the best way to recover after a hard day's work, but sleep is not just for rest and recovery, it essential for maintaining cognitive skills such as communication, creativity and memory, and managing stress. Sleep is key to both our physical and mental health, not getting enough has a profound impact on our ability to function. Lack of sleep has been linked to high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, and makes us more vulnerable to infection and tiredness. It can also increase the risk of accident or injury.

Common signs at work of lack of sleep include a general deterioration in performance, poor concentration or memory, poor mood and greater risk taking. In the UK 200,000 working days are lost each year due to insufficient sleep, with one in three people also being affected by insomnia. The annual cost of this sleep loss in the UK is estimated at £40 billion. 

How can employers help?

The sleep loss epidemic is affecting a large proportion of the population, meaning the loss of key staff due to illness, or being unable to perform to the best of their ability due to fatigue. Helping your employees understand the importance of sleep and recovery, and enabling them to make healthier choices at work and at home is key to improving their wellbeing. 

Traditionally, corporate presents consist of alcohol, high sugar confectionary and caffeine, as nice as they may be, all of these are detrimental to our health and sleep quality. Additionally, there is a large market in low quality and unsustainably produced company branded items. These are often unappreciated, not used, or just discarded by the recipient. At All About Sleep we want to change that, by offering bespoke sleep focussed wellness boxes. These positive, proactive and preventative gift sets aim to help support employees' health and wellbeing. All of the items are carefully produced and sourced, as well as being vegan, sustainable, ethical and naturally derived.

The gift of great sleep

Our wellness boxes can be tailored to your needs and budget, and include:
• A choice of ethical and sustainable products
• Company branding options
• Fulfillment and shipping service options

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