Our Story

The need for sleep

Sleep is so important to our physical and mental health, performance and relationships. We spend a third of our life sleeping - or at least we should be! In our household it has always been something that has been squeezed in, between busy jobs, parenting and everything else that life throws at us... It's also not just the length of your sleep that is important, it is also the quality of that sleep. In 2020 when the world slowed down, we had time to think about what was important in our lives and focus on our wellbeing. That started us thinking "how can we improve that one third of our life to make the other two thirds better?”

Bedroom sanctuary

Our aim is to make your bedroom a sanctuary, and your bed something that you look forward to getting into - a hotel feel in your own home. We have lovingly designed and created a bespoke range of bamboo products to create a sanctuary-like sleep space of darkness, softness and calm. Lulling you into a deeper, longer and more rejuvenating night's sleep.

Sleep well

My husband had suffered from eczema for many years which would painfully flare up even when sleeping on our Egyptian cotton bedding. As well as the skin irritation, it caused him (and me!) to endure restless and interrupted nights. When we first tried organic bamboo bedding, we couldn’t believe how much better it felt against our skin. Like many eczema sufferers he had terrible flare ups, which would be so sore. I realised that he was getting very hot at night and scratching at his eczema patches in his sleep. Within days of having the bamboo sheets his eczema had completely cleared up! Since then, I’ve researched the benefits of bamboo and they are extensive. It’s antibacterial, temperature regulating and moisture wicking, to name just a few. That means it’s better for people with sensitive skin, as it keeps you feeling comfortable and, as well as all that, helps smooth all hair-types and prevents frizz – it’s basically a miracle material and we want everyone to know about it!”

Not only is bamboo amazing for us, it is also amazing for the environment too. This sustainable super plant grows happily in degraded soil, releases 30% more oxygen than hardwood trees and not only needs one third of the water cotton does, it also yields 10 times more per acre. It is organically grown with no need for harmful chemicals and is completely cruelty-free and vegan. Luxurious, good for the planet and your pocket - bamboo bedding is the perfect sleep solution!

Sleep well...

& the All About Sleep team