Sleeping BeauTea Loose Tea

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Relaxing Tea for Bedtime

Sleeping Beautea

This slumber inducing loose tea blend, will wind down your body and mind for a restful and rejuvenating night's sleep. Sleeping Beautea includes very powerful and ethically sourced natural ingredients:

🌿Valerian Root to reduce anxiety and calm
🌿Lavender to de-stress
🌿Honey Bush to relax muscles
🌿Spearmint to improve digestion
🌿Chamomile to calm
🌿Cherry which is rich in melatonin

Valerian root is also known as 'nature’s valium', the natural alternative to prescription sedatives.

The best time to drink Sleeping Beautea is in the afternoon or evening, as part of your wind down routine. Simply use 1 heaped teaspoon per serving, add boiling water and steep for up to 7 minutes.

The loose tea is available in either 10g or 50g packs and is packaged in a compostable and biodegradable bag.

The 50g packs are also available with a 
stainless steel infuser which is durable, won't rust and the spring loaded push handle means it is easy to use and clean.


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