Organic September: Why choose organic?

Organic September: Why choose organic?

Why choose organic? Because it's not just about what we eat, wear or use, but also about the impact we have on the environment and our own well-being. In a world where convenience often takes precedence, it's important to take a step back and consider the long-term consequences of our shopping choices.

Organic September is a reminder of the importance of choosing organic products. It's a month-long campaign that encourages individuals to make conscious decisions in favour of organic options. But why should we care?

First and foremost, opting for organic means supporting sustainable practices. Organic farming methods prioritise soil health, biodiversity, and natural pest control over chemical inputs. By choosing organic, we are directly contributing to the preservation of our planet's delicate ecosystems. 

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The raw bamboo fibre used in All About Sleep’s products is Ecocert organic farming certified. For nearly three decades, Ecocert's expertise in the certification of sustainable products, systems and services has been one of the most reliable and rigorous on the market. The Ecocert brand is the benchmark for organic and ecological labelling, with a high guarantee of traceability.

Additionally, organic products are free from harmful chemicals such as pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This means that when we consume organic food, use organic products, we are reducing our exposure to potentially harmful substances.


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All of our bamboo products are independently tested and certified to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® to be free from any harmful chemicals or substances. If a textile article carries the STANDARD 100 label, you can be certain that every component of this article, i.e. every thread, button and other accessories, has been tested for harmful substances and that the article therefore is harmless for human health. The test is conducted by independent OEKO-TEX® partner institutes on the basis of the extensive OEKO-TEX® criteria catalog. In the test they take into account numerous regulated and non-regulated substances, which may be harmful to human health. In many cases the limit values for the STANDARD 100 go beyond national and international requirements. The criteria catalog is updated at least once a year and expanded with new scientific knowledge or statutory requirements. Our health matters, and by choosing organic, we prioritise it.

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But it doesn't stop there. Choosing organic bamboo bedding, pillowcases and sleep masks also supports local farmers and communities who are dedicated to sustainable agriculture. By purchasing their products, we help create a demand for environmentally friendly practices while fostering economic growth at a grassroots level.

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So let's embrace Organic September as an opportunity to make informed choices that benefit both ourselves and the planet. Let's choose sustainability over convenience and prioritise our health by opting for organic options whenever possible. Together, let's create a brighter future for generations to come - one that is rooted in respect for nature and mindful consumption.

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